Bachelor of science in Physiotherapy / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the Bachelor program of Physiotherapy the student should be able to:

1.    Recognize, critically analyse and apply the conceptual frameworks and theoretical models underpinning physiotherapy practice
2.    Demonstrate comprehension of background knowledge that informs sound physiotherapy practice
3.    Demonstrate the ability to use online resources and technologies in professional development
4.    Display a professional commitment to ethical practice by adhering to codes of conduct and moral frameworks that govern the practice of physiotherapy.
5.    Evaluate the importance of and critically appraise research findings to inform evidence-based practice such that these skills could be utilized in continuing self-development
6.    Implement clinical reasoning, reflection, decision-making, and skilful application of physiotherapy techniques to deliver optimum physiotherapy management
7.    Adhere to the professional standards of physiotherapy practice in terms of assessment, management, outcome measurement, and documentation
8.    Display a willingness to promote healthy lifestyle and convey health messages to clients
9.    Value the willingness to exercise autonomy while appreciating the challenges associated with delivering physiotherapy services
10.  Display the ability to practice in a safe, effective, non-discriminatory, inter- and multi-disciplinary manner
11.  Demonstrate effective oral and written communication with clients, carers, and health professionals