Other Facilities in faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences

Other Facilities

The faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences has many facilities and classrooms; it contains seven classrooms as well as rooms for discussion in each department, as well as the Auditorium and a computer lab. Furthermore, phonetics studies and researches center.

Occupational therapy department:

a. Splinting Lab.

b. Therapeutic Apartment.

c. Physical/ Neurological Dysfunction Clinic.

d. Mental Health Clinic.

e. Pediatrics Clinic.

f. Group Therapy Room.


Department of Hearing and speech Sciences:

a. Hearing Clinic:

- BERA Testing Room.

- Auditory Training Room.

- Pediatric Rehabilitation Room.

- Anechoec Chamber.

- Double Cabin Sound Proof Room.

- Vestibular System Testing Room.

b. Speech Clinic:

- Evaluation Control Rooms.

- Individual Training Rooms.

- Clinical Observation Rooms.

- Group therapy Rooms.

- Research Instrumentation Lab.


Physiotherapy Department:

a. Practical Room.

b. Electrotherapy Room.

c. Therapeutic Exercises Room.

d. Gait Analysis Room.

e. Pediatric therapy Room.

f. Hydrotherapy Room.

g. Electromyography Room.

h. Cardiopulmonary therapy Room.


Orthotics and prosthetics department:

a. Fitting Room.

b. Plaster Room.

c. Orthopedic Shoe Making Room.

d. Leather Workshop.

e. Plastic Lamination Room.

f. Machine Room.

g. Main Workshop.


School of Rehabilitation Sciences

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