The department of Physiotherapy is part of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences. We have been key players in the development of the Faculty and its academic programs. Physiotherapy has been taught in the University of Jordan for 14 years. We continue to be one of the regional leading providers of physiotherapy courses and training. Our BSc course qualifies students to practise physiotherapy. Joining our BSc program enables students to gain an integrated approach to physiotherapy education and clinical practice. This program adopts the principles of professional physiotherapy practice by equipping students with distinguished learning skills, basic scientific knowledge, hands on training and clinical placement. Physiotherapy department provides training in the following specialties: Neurological, Cardiopulmonary, Musculoskeletal, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Burns and Surgery. The Department staff includes 10 PhD holders who graduated from highly ranked international universities across Europe, US and Canada. The delivery of practical and clinical training is supported by 8 lab instructors. The department endorses multidisciplinary research in the following areas: Higher education and e-learning, Measurement of Rehabilitation outcomes, Gait and motor control, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation and Pediatric Rehabilitation. The department envisions activating the Physiotherapy Clinics to support the local community by providing high quality physiotherapy services. Moreover, we hope to deliver postgraduate and doctoral programs in the near future.