The celebration ceremony of the International day for people with disability

Under the patronage sponsored by HRH Prince Mired Bin Raad, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Jordan have organized a celebration ceremony on Thursday 4/12 / 2014 , on the occasion of the International day for people with disability. Prince has stated that there are continuous efforts by His Majesty King Abdullah II to develop a national strategy for people with disabilities, and to reinforce the efforts of the High Council for People with Disabilities. He pointed out that Jordan seeks to enable persons with disabilities to enjoy a leisurely life, despite the challenges they face in the areas of education and health. The president of the University of Jordan, Prof. Ekhleif Al-Tarawneh, stated that the celebration of this Day is becoming a recognized must by civilized nations that opens the doors of opportunity and hope for all. It is a celebration that emphasizes societal commitment to the rights of people with disabilities in order to actualize principles of justice, equality and equal opportunities and increase rehabilitation services for those who need it. The president added that the University of Jordan is headed towards the provision of support and care for people with disabilities, and the establishment of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences serves as the most prominent evidence for that. The preparation of professional staff capable of exercising their work for the cause of serving, facilitating the way of living for people with disabilities. The ceremony included presenting success stories with people with disabilities who achieved championships, including world champion in weightlifting Moataz Junaidi, one of the people with physical disabilities where he offered his experience in the field of disability and the challenge of achieving his dreams of becoming a global hero.Suhail Al- Nashshash presented his experience as the first Arabic runner with a visual impairment who ran 42 km in the contest and got the first place in the California International Marathon. Also he was the first Arab climber with visual impairment who climbed the highest mountain summit in Jordan, up 6,000 feet. The event also included other activities such as plays, art exhibitions, workshops, and contests and games, and many other activities.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

"By Our Will We Can Achieve The Impossible"