"From Amman We Begin" student initiative

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Raad bin Zeid, the student initiative "from Amman we begin" on the 18th December, 2013. This initiative is mainly carried out by students from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences and students with disabilities at the University of Jordan. It is mainly directed at raising the public awareness about disability and the rights of People with Disability (PWD) and to increase the accessibility of the environment for them. This initiative is one of the periodical activities that are conducted under the umbrella of the Community is a Partner Campaign (CPC). In the launching ceremony of this initiative, the ideas of students concerning how the city of Amman can be accessible without any limitations of any of the dreams, aspirations, and activities of PWD will be introduced. For more information please follow the following link: http://ujnews2.ju.edu.jo/Lists/News/Disp_FormNews1.aspx?ID=4702

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

"By Our Will We Can Achieve The Impossible"