"The Comprehensive Care Organization for people with disabilities” in Sudan visits the faculty

A group of delegates from the “Comprehensive Care Organization for people with disabilities” in Sudan have visited the faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Jordan. To get acquainted with the faculty’s experience in preparing and developing an equipped staff specialized in enabling people with disabilities. The delegation included Sudanese Minister of Social Development and the former Secretary General of the Organization, Amira al-Fadil, and a number of executive members of the organization, accompanied by Director-General of the Arab city of comprehensive care in Amman, Abdul Wahab Tarawneh, and the director of business development where Rasmeyeh Al –Helw. The delegation have been introduced, by the dean and the heads of departments of the faculty , to the services offered by the college in the field of rehabilitation. During the meeting the need for further coordination and collaboration between the involved parties has been discussed to achieve mutual benefits.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

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