Postgraduate Programs
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Master in (Speech-Language Pathology) Comprehensive path Hearing and Speech SciencesMaster of Science (MSc) in Speech – Language Pathology Non – Thesis Track consists of 39 credit hours divided as follows:
1. Obligatory requirements: (27 credit hours).
2. Elective requirements    : (12 credit hours).
3. Pass the Comprehensive exam   (1804798).

General Rules and Conditions
(i) This plan abides by the general principles operating within the
framework of the MSc programs at the University of Jordan.

(ii) Admission:
Graduates in the following fields may be admitted to the program
according to the following priorities :
a. Hearing and Speech Sciences  or Hearing or Speech Sciences
b. Medical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences or Rehabilitation Sciences
c. Education Sciences, or Psychology
d. Linguistics or Languages
e. Sciences branches

Spécial Conditions:
1. The applicant should pass hearing and speech clinical examination conducted by the Department

Practical Training:

A. At the completion of 25 hours of observation of different disorders in clinics, the student must finish at least (300) contact hours at the Center for Phonetics Research, the department hearing and speech clinics or any other institution approved by the department. At the end , the student must pass a practical exam by a departmental committee with a pass or fail result .
B. A student who has Bachelor degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences is empted from the 25 observation hours.
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