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Program Specifications

Master in (Speech-Language Pathology) Comprehensive path / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the program, students will be able to:
1.     Demonstrate deep knowledge of the basic human communication processes, as well as the nature of speech, language and hearing.
2.     Apply basic principles and methods of prevention, assessment and intervention for individuals with communication disorders.
3.     Write theses and reports to a professional standard equivalent in presentational qualities to that of publishable papers.
4.     Gather information relevant to assessment and treatment of communication disorders and critically evaluate the information and samples collected
5.     Formulate specific and appropriate patient management plans. Furthermore, conduct appropriate diagnostic monitoring procedures, treatment, therapy or other actions safely and skillfully.
6.     Solve clinical problems using critical thinking skills.
7.     Work, where appropriate, in partnership with other professionals and support staff service users and their relatives.
8.     Utilize ethical responsibility when working with individual's having communication disorders and their families.
9.     Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning, teamwork, scientific research, analysis, interpretation
10.  Think critically and solve problems, and use technology to monitor, manage, analyze, and transfer information to generate knowledge and employ it for future uses.
11.  Take responsibilities and exercises rights and duties within the value system of society and public morals.