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Program Specifications

Master in (Speech-Language Pathology) Comprehensive path / Program Overview

Background to the program and subject area: 

The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, established as part of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences in 2003, is among the first University departments in Jordan to offer academic degrees in Hearing and Speech Sciences.
Proir to the Faculty initiaition the Masters program was part of the Linguistics (early ninties)  school which graduated many of our Faculty staff members.
Our master's program in Speech-Language Pathology is the only program in the Middle East. Students come to the program from all over the region. Upon leaving the University our graduates enter the clinical, teaching, and research fields competently.

Vision statements of the program:

   We aspire to be an outstanding leader in educating, training and inspiring future speech-language pathologists to serve and advocate for individuals with communication disorders.

Mission statements of the program:

   The program in speech-language pathology prepares practitioners, researchers, and scholars to work with persons with communication difficulties at all ages, and to advance the understanding of communication processes, communication disorders, and speech and language sciences.


Program Aims:

1.     To provide students with advanced professional skills
2.     To provide students with values of clinical ethics and autonomous practice.
3.        To equip students with the skills required for the design, conduction and implementation of sound scientific research.
4.     To cope with the development in the labour market by developing a competing program in the field of re(habilitation) of hearing and speech/language disorders
5.  To support the local community through the employment of the department resources and clinics.