Educational Research

Educational Research
The faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, through its departments, provides practical training and clinical for students through coordination with the Jordan University Hospital, a Bashir hospital, the Royal Medical Services, the phonetics Studies and Researches center at the University of Jordan, Hussein Society for the disability movement and other edifices medical in Jordan.
The department of Physical Therapy is distinguished by the availability of specialized laboratories, which are equipped with the latest hardware that is relevant to the scientific research and teaching. Orthotics and prosthetics department has a workshop for the manufacture of artificial limbs and assistive medical devices, which was operated in its temporary headquarters in (2007) and transferred on 16/2/2011 to its permanent place at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences. The workshop of the Orthotics and prosthetics department is approximately training 80 students of the Orthotics and prosthetics department each year, where the workshop is equipped with devices as follows: saws, machines, trimming machines, Electric Drills, and furnaces heat, maintenance equipments and embroidery, and Vacuum air Equipments. The workshop also contains different manual equipments such as manual saws, manual drills, pneumatic chisel hummer, oscillation cast cutter, steam irons, and Woodworking equipment and various other devices. The workshop will be renewed and provided with the latest equipment and tools by grant that is provided by the Italian government to the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, in order to activate the role of the O&P clinic in community service.
Regarding Community service, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences has been participating on events that serve the community through contributions of its faculty staff, graduates and students. Group of national institutions of the country to benefit from the advisory expertise of faculty members with speech and hearing therapy physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and prosthetics and orthotics. The College has implemented a number of surveys that targeted diagnosis and treatment of a group of disorders, disorderly speech and hearing. Students and graduates of the faculty had communicated with a group of nursing homes, and provided diagnostic and treatment services. Also, the faculty hosted in its building activities of local associations, such as the Association of multiple sclerosis. Graduates, students and faculty members participated in a wide range of lectures, awareness campaigns that specializes in rehabilitation. These lectures targeted the radio, television, Internet sites, and other institutions of civil press seek to strengthen its role in providing rehabilitation services to the community.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

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