6/30/2011 2:07 PM
Razan Abu- Asbeh

Faculty of Rehabilitation Scienses is the most beautiful colleges in the University of Jordan, considered as the latest one of the University of Jordan. Founded in 1999 and concerned with hundreds of graduation students annually from all disciplines (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and prosthetic hearing and speech sciences).
      The bachelor's degree being approved from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences traverses 132 Credit Hours within four years, including practical training.
     Where the focus is on practical training and gain practical skills in the last two years of study through the application of what has been gained in theory in group clinics and hospitals in the Kingdom under the supervision of faculty members.
     While in the first two years, the college shall submit to the student  all the necessary theories and information on diseases and how to diagnose and treat each followed by specialization, in addition to the group of courses essential for all medical disciplines, and courses in support of progress in the labor market such as management, leadership and scientific research.

6/19/2014 3:19 PM
Mais Haddad

We all heard that university is a special world and at school we were just that excited to experience this world and live in it! We didn't know what was waiting for us over here! but once we got into it, our lives have changed! Many of us were already friends, others became... and that's what pushed us to start building our personalities up to know who we are gonna be in the future... University has taught us a lot and everyone affected the others in a way which we cannot ever forget! We all were one family under the umbrella of our faculty of rehabilitation sciences... We had beautiful times which can't be forgotten and they will always reside in our hearts wherever we go! Those times we all spent together may not come back again but they live in every part of us! I won't forget any of the Drs who was doing a real great job and all of you were our second family who we spend time with even more than our real families!!! You were always welcoming us whenever we ask for help... You all gave us what you got to build a new generation with a science that can be applicable the easiest ways to help others.. You have left beautiful memories in our hearts and minds that will live with us for good.. You have treated us as we all area family in which that affected us in a special way! You have taught us great things to be who we  are now which will already make us go towards our dreams... Even when you were a little bit tough, it was all for our good! So even "thank you" won't do much and won't tell how grateful we are for everything you have done for us...
Every place every person every corner in our university has a special memory in our minds! We had amazing times at every part of this gorgeous world... When we look at any place of those, memories just cross our minds and make us remember every situation we lived in each one! Its just an indescribable feeling... Everyone of us has a special feeling towards it... Each one of us has learned something that will live with him forever!! Actually, no word can ever tell what we feel inside now! Like how we spent all those years! How we reached this stage of our lives which will take us to a new one... That one which will make us start thinking of everything happens to us with sense... to confront all the difficulties we find on our way! Hopefully to make good solutions for them! So being in this world is just a marvelous experience that passed throughout our lives...
We all are just leaving this amazing world with an unforgettable memories to a new one.. The real one.. where we can apply everything we have learned and everything you have taught to be who we are now ... We are leaving with something priceless... Knowledge, experience, new personalities and amazing special friends! Frankly, Its so sad to say it but maybe this journey is coming to an end, So thanks for everyone... Our families... Our Drs ... Our friends and everyone who supported us till the end, who gave us what they got to witness this moment, and a special thanks for University Of Jordan... Our home... who will always have us proud of being a part of it on a stage of our lives... :)

1/2/2018 10:39 AM
Ingrid Knutsgård

Jordan has taken me in with arms wide open. Every person I’ve met, and I really mean everyone,
have been so nice, helpful and friendly to me. Every student, supervisor, taxi driver and random
people on the street. I’ve really never felt truly alone. I’ll truly miss Jordan when I arrive home,
although it will be rather nice to come home to the silence, I won’t miss the loud cars or the
Coming to Jordan as an occupational therapy student has definitely broaden my perspectives on
my future profession and on the way we work. There are both differences and similarities. In
Sweden it’s very common with occupational therapist working in the home care service and in
our client's homes, this isn’t something an occupational therapist does in Jordan which I find
surprising since it’s so important for an occupational therapist to see our clients in the
environment in which they perform their activities. I also find the occupational therapy
departments I’ve seen a bit surprising. Since I’ve never had a clinical training in a hospital
setting at home I really don’t have anything to compare with, but I don’t think we have 4
different sessions at the same time in the same room. In Sweden we have a law about the client's
safety regarding the client’s medical history, diagnosis and other personal information, which
cannot be told to anyone who’s not a part of the medical team. We aren’t even allowed to tell
something about our client to his family if the client tells us not to. We are also under a law that
says that we have to document anything we do with our client in the client's journal, I’m not sure
about the time frame but I do believe we have 48 hours. In the journal we have to document
everything, from assessments, goals, interventions and even phone calls. I’ve barely met any
kind of documentation in Jordan, just a little bit, but in Sweden it’s half the job sometimes.
In my time in Jordan I do believe I’ve developed as an occupational therapist. To meet clients
and not be able to talk to them, because of language barriers, isn’t an easy thing to do. In the
beginning I couldn’t even say hello in arabic, meaning I had to talk with my body language and I
had to do it in a professional way. I always had someone near me who could translate or tell the
clients who I was which was comforting, but it’s hard to be in a different country and to not
speak the language. I do believe this has been an important lesson for me. Sweden is a country
with many people from different countries, and at the moment we have many refugees. I think
that this experience will help me in situations with language barriers, and it has given me a bit of
insight in this kind of situations that many people in Sweden are experiencing at the moment. If I
sometime in the future have a client that speaks arabic, and I’m able to say hello, how are you, to
that person in arabic, I do believe that will help us in our relationship and it will help the client
gain a little bit of trust for me. If I’m also able to tell the client about my experience in Jordan,
and that I know how scary and hard it can be to not understand.. Well, I do believe it will help
I do believe I’m leaving Jordan a better occupational therapist but mainly as a better person. I’ve
learned a lot about kindness and the importance of families in Jordan. I want to see me self as an
open and kind person, but the people in Jordan are what defines kindness. All the student’s I’ve
met have gladly answeres my questions, and if they didn’t know how to answer me in english,
they asked someone to give me the answer in english. I’m also amazed over how professional the
students I’ve met are. I know that you have studied for one year longer than me, but you are so
good and competent and I’ve watched you with a tiny bit of jealousy in my eyes, you are
amazing and you are gonna be great occupational therapists, there’s no doubt!
I thank you all for everything, University of Jordan for accepting me as an exchange student, ms.
Salma and ms. Nedaa for answering my questions and helping me with my schedule, all the
occupational therapists and supervisors I’ve met along the road, and all the incredible students
who have teached me a lot about occupational therapy. Thank you!
Ingrid Knutsgård, Occupational Therapy Student
Lund University, Sweden

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

"By Our Will We Can Achieve The Impossible"