Occupational Therapy is a specialty that empowers children and adults to effectively cope with their temporary or permanent disabilities in various life situations. As such, occupational therapy helps people in various stages of life to participate in activities that they want or need to do through the use of functions and daily activities in a therapeutic way. The occupational therapy offers services are aimed at: −Enabling children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social activities. −Enabling clients who have been subjected to physical or neurological injuries to restore their previous skills and adapt to their new condition. −Enabling clients with mental disabilities to participate in daily living skills and social development, and support for addicts and the elderly who are going through physical and mental changes that reduce their participation in activities important to them. Offering Comprehensive assessments and application for modifications in home environment and workplaces to guarantee the readiness of such contexts to fulfill the the needs of people with disabilities. Our OT department offers different modules that aims to orient the students with the characteristics and values of occupation. This is by providing the students with the chance to engage in various arts and crafts and in various forms of creative Medias such as ceramics, paper crafts, mosaics, music therapy and psychodrama. Please, see the below pictures. Currently the Occupational Therapy (OT) department is launching several research projects in collaboration with other national and international universities such as the Hashemite University in Jordan and the Pittsburgh university, respectively. Also the department is currently holding an exchange agreement with Lund University for exchanging of students and academic members that aims to diversify the training settings for students and to encourage launching of collaborative research projects.


School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Occupational Therapy