The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, established as part of the College of Rehabilitative Sciences in 2003, is among the first university departments in Jordan to offer academic degrees in Hearing and Speech Sciences. The Bachelor degree program attracts students from all over the country and the region.
Diverse theoretical and clinical opportunities to learn about different communicative disorders are offered by the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. The hearing courses and clinics, introduce students to diagnostic and rehabilitative services to children and adults.  The Speech-Language courses and clinics offer experiences related to speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders at all ages.
The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences faculty is composed of highly productive and qualified PhD and master degree holders. The program aims at adding faculty members to accommodate an increasingly multi-disciplinary focus in speech, language, and hearing sciences. The program professors prepare students to enter the critically important fields of speech and hearing science, health, and related research.
 Most career opportunities as well as certification requirements demand graduate level degrees.  In Speech-Language pathology and audiology, a student must complete a master’s degree. Our undergraduate program provides a firm foundation for future graduate studies in any local or international graduate program.
Our Speech-Language Pathology master’s program is the only graduate program at the country and the regional level. The program is designed to provide the academic and clinical education to prepare graduates to meet existing and emerging challenges to the professions.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences