Comprehensive exam date and areas of study

كلية علوم التأهيل

قسم علوم السمع والنطق

محاور الامتحان الشامل (15/2017/03) لطلبة ماجستير تقويم النطق واللغة


موعد الامتحان الشامل 15/03/2017

يوم الاربعاء من الساعة 10:00 – 14:00



Areas covered in first paper:

(1)                        Articulation and phonological disorders                  

(2)                        Language Development

(3)                        Language Disorders    

(4)                        Aural Rehabilitation/ Audiology


Areas covered in second paper:

(5)                        Fluency  and stuttering disorders 

(6)                        Neurogenic Disorders          

(7)                        Voice Disorders and Cleft Palate

(8)                        Clinical Practicum (Speech and Hearing)





The readings for the comprehensive exam will be from each course syllabus references.


Before the exam you will need to:

1. Register with the department your intention to come forward for the comprehensive exam

2. Submit an intention form (نموذج عدم ممانعة)



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