Department Strategy
7/30/2012 1:25 PM
The department of Speech and Hearing Sciences seeks to provide its students with the highest level of education in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. It targets qualifying students with adequate professional experiences and skills to provide children and adults, with wide range of communication disorders, with assessment, diagnosis, and intervention services.
Our master's program in Speech-Language Pathology is the only program in the Middle East. Students hail to the program from all over the region. Upon leaving the University our graduates enter the clinical, teaching, and research fields competently.
7/30/2012 1:33 PM

The department of hearing and speech sciences seeks to provide an academically rigorous program that educates students to have the essential academic knowledge, clinical skills, and reflective practices that enable them to enter the professions of speech pathology and audiolgy. Most importantly. the program aims at preparing students to become continuous learner to improve the quality of services to children and adults with communication disorders, and to become their adocates in Jordan as well as in the entire region.

1/6/2013 3:04 PM
The department aims at:
1. Providing course work and clinical experiences reflecting pertinent and current content necessary for personal growth and professional competence in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology.
2. Developing fundamental understanding of hearing, speech and language development and disorders across the life span.
3. Emphasizing the role and responsibilities of the speech-language pathologist and audiologist.
4.Graduating professionals that value and foster communication and interaction with colleagues for the benefit of optimal service to clients with communication disorders.
5. Involving students in research activities and encouraging application of research evidence into everyday clinical practice.
6. Developing professional and educational collaboration with international institutions through study and research exchange of faculty and students.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences